Finished Models – Another Chaos Knight

As well as getting a Knight Tyrant done last year, I also picked up another Regular-Pattern Knight.

I think I’m getting the hang of this colour scheme.

I actually got this model after the gorgeous Chaos Knight Desecrator kit came out, but decided instead to get myself a loyalist Knight Preceptor kit for the third piece of my all-titan Chaos Knight Lance. This was for a couple of reasons, the chief of which was the two kits’ respective loadouts – the Desecrator inexplicably doesn’t come with any ranged weapons except the new Las Destructor, while the Preceptor/Canix Rex box sported all the weapons, and a built-in cockpit I’ve yet to do anything with. As people may remember from my first Chaos Knight, I copied some of Krautscientist’s work to build a cockpit myself, but the newer Preceptor kit had a “proper” one built-in already. It even has a working hinge!

The other factor was, of course, the converting opportunity. It’s always a bittersweet feeling when GW bring out an official kit for something I’ve converted (see my obliterators), as taking a kit and a pile of spare parts and making something new is one of my favourite parts of the hobby. That’s not to say that the Desecrator is in any way bad, and I’m sure it would make an excellent base for a still heavily-customised chaos knight, but the fun of desecrating (see what I did there?) a loyalist knight kit is a joy in of itself.

There’s something of a pattern for how I build my chaos knights now, which helps tie them into looking like a unified household. As with the first one, I used a lot of jewellery chain to attach shields to the model, although by this point I’d all but run out of Khorne-themed Skullcrusher shields. Instead, I ended up using some from the venerable and now-OOP Chaos Knight kit (The other chaos knights, the ones on horses) – I’m a big fan of these, and had fun working in the off-white on the left shin when it came to painting.

The knights’ warhorn mouthpiece ended up being used as a gargoyle for the rocket pod (which was carefully sawed in half, so as to have both ironstorm rockets and stormspear missiles represented on the same model). I like to think it actually serves as the knight’s warhorn in battle, blaring deafening noise in a similar fashion to a proper titan.

For a while, I was stuck on how to change the overall silhouette, as from a distance the knight still resembled its loyalist cousins. I wanted to add something that made it clearly read as a fallen warrior, while still differing from the other knight in the lance, and it took a lot of rummaging through my bits box to find something suitable. Eventually, however, I settled on an addition I really quite like: Spears, from the old Vampire Counts skeleton box. They were a perfect fit, as the changed up the silhouette, and the tattered banners on them allowed me to both use off-white again elsewhere on the model and add some movement to the titan’s stride.

The faceplate also had me stumped for a while. Initially, I planned to use the face I had spare from my Kytan – Lord of Skulls (‘Lords of Skulls’?) come with two faces; a scaled-up skullcrusher helmet and a sneering twisted daemonic visage. I still had the latter left, but after gluing it on it just… didn’t read right. I often find that the gribblier side of Chaos isn’t for me anyway, but I think the lack of skin or flesh anywhere else on the model meant it really stood out.

So, I tried gluing on one of the knight masks, sawing off the grill that covered the mouth. This sort of worked, and had the model look strangely like an Uruk-Hai with its mouth exposed, but it still didn’t quite pull off the look I wanted. When I added the lower half of another knight mask, however, it clicked together perfectly – the longer mask was suitably different and twisted compared to a loyalist knight, and the addition of a dangling Khornate rune from the Bloodthirster kit worked nicely, while adding a bit more movement to the model as well. A couple of horns from the old finecast Bloodthirster completed it, along with another rune on the forehead to make the knight’s allegiance abundantly clear.

And that was it for the conversion, more or less. As always, the khorne and chaos brass etchings pulled overtime to add detail to the model, covering up unsuitably blank and clean armour plates where necessary. I also had fun taking a drill and scalpel to multiple armour pieces, beating them up and making the knight’s carapace look suitably battered and war-torn.

Painting-wise, I didn’t really push the boat out, although I must say that I think I managed a decent gradient on the red and blue armour panels. The bronze also came out really rather well, with the subtle greenish tinge from the athonian camoshade complementing the red armour nicely.

Overall really happy with this model – all I need now is one more despoiler-pattern knight (maybe I should get a desecrator?) and I’ll have a fully-fledged knight lance for realistically any game I’m likely to play.

Next up is probably my Lord Discordant, who definitely deserves a proper write-up. That, or some photos of my Armies on Parade 2020 board – it didn’t win anything, but it did cause this reaction:

Find yourself a partner that looks at you the way Nick looks at this model.

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